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Jun 29

Lancaster, PA – Home of APBA!

We had stayed the night in Lancaster, PA after our day on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, so we could check out the APBA headquarters. We found a lil hotel called Country Hearth for about $40. The description made it sound like it was gonna be quite the steal but it turned out to be …

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Jun 27

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Progressive Field

We stopped at Danny’s friend’s apartment for the night in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb right outside of Columbus. Another night of saving money on hotels! We took off for Cleveland in the morning. I listened to the Drew Carey Show’s theme song: Cleveland Rocks twice on the drive into Cleveland to get myself psyched for …

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Jun 24

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Great American Ballpark

We stopped for the night in a town named Mount Vernon, IL. We drove for quite a while after the Cardinals game because we wanted to stop by Louisville, KY in the morning and visit the Louisville Slugger Museum. We got up in the morning and set our sights on the Bluegrass State. The giant …

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Jun 23

Catching Cord Phelps’ Walk-Off

Cleveland had a rain delay in the 8th with a 2-2 tie against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It lasted about 2 hours and most fans had left the stadium, so C-raig and I pretty much had our pick of seats for the rest of the game. With so many left handed batters in the Cleveland lineup …

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Jun 20

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Busch Stadium

Driving into St. Louis was amazing. As soon as I drove into Missouri, I could see the iconic arch in the distance. We drove right passed the arch on our way to the stadium and found a parking ramp only two blocks from the stadium for a solid $5! Cheap parking is a huge plus …

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Jun 20

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Wrigley Field

I have always loved the Cubs. That comes from my family having 8 channels when I was a kid. One of them was WGN, which broadcasted almost every Cubs game during the summer. The reason I chose my Cubbies over the home state Brewers was simple: availability. The Cubs were always on TV and an …

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Jun 19

And They’re Off!

Our Road Trip Begins! C-raig and I left Peshtigo approximately 6:00 am to start our American adventure. My sweet mother sent me off right, having waffles and a homemade smoothie ready for me bright and early (well it was a gloomy morning). Our vehicle taking us on this excursion is C-raig’s Grandmas dead cousin’s 2004 …

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Jun 11

Craig’s First Post: Let’s Go!!!

Baseball has always been referred as ‘timeless’ sport. The game has changed so little over the span of 150 years. Throwing a no-hitter means just as much today as it did 60 years ago. Fans are equally as excited by the home run today as when Babe Ruth revolutionized the sport with his unprecedented power …

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May 31

What would you do?

Hey there everyone! So Craig and I are going on this kick ass road trip to 14 major league baseball stadiums and we want to do as many cool things as we can to make it as memorable as possible. That leads us to the question…”what would you do at each game or on the …

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May 29

2011 Baseball Vacation Tour

Want to see D.Foch and C-raig during June/July? Too bad. Cause we ain’t gonna be around. But if you are in any of these cities on these dates hit us up. 14 stadiums in 20 days, seeing 20 Major League Teams.           June 16 – Chicago, IL / Wrigley Field June …

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