Jun 29

Lancaster, PA – Home of APBA!

We had stayed the night in Lancaster, PA after our day on the boardwalk in Atlantic City, so we could check out the APBA headquarters. We found a lil hotel called Country Hearth for about $40. The description made it sound like it was gonna be quite the steal but it turned out to be what you would expect for $40 a nite. The room had a musty smell to it and the shower knob was about to fall out of the wall. The AC worked really well though and Craig and I enjoyed a comedy bit from Robert Schimmel on HBO from 1999 and then then movie Long Distance Relationship (with Drew Barrymore). The standup special was hilarious! This guy had me laughing the entire time. But I digress, the room was well worth the price and served its function for the evening, get a nice rest (we each had our own beds this time), put a couple posts up, and be close to our APBA destination in the morning before Baltimore. I take that back maybe it didnt, the blinds were so good that it was too dark in the room and we slept in til about 10:40a, we had hoped to be at the store at that time! We really enjoyed our nice breakfast the day before at Denny’s so we opted to enjoy another before we vistited our board game holyland (and because we missed the continental one at the hotel).

We searched our Garmin GPS and no chain places were coming up, just a bunch of local establishments. Craig read some of them off to me as I was just randomly driving around town and I said pick one of the ones that said cafe or diner cuz they should have breakfast. He selected Neptune Diner and boy was it a good one. It was a 50s looking place in somewhat of a sketch looking area. We sat at the counter and enjoyed the local chatter between a couple of the regulars and the waitresses while we looked over the menu. Everything sounded good and then on the back I spotted the grandaddy of them all, Hot Fudge Sundae French Toast. Three pieces of french toast with your choice of ice cream on top with nuts and hot fudge. I had to have it, except I asked for one little tweak, I replaced the fudge with hot caramel topping since I love caramel. It was everything I dreamed of.

Caramel Sundae French Toast

What also made this place really cool was the atmosphere, the local vibe was entertaining. I got a laugh, at the regular next to me, watching his eyes keep looking down at the waitresses boobs then back up as he was chatting with her (who could blame him though, right?). The best part was when the ladies called up one of the regulars on the phone who hasnt been there in a while. It was a long and funny conversation wondering why he hasnt been there in a while and if he was still alive. Neptune Diner is a great place to stop if you are ever in Lancaster. Great food and great people!

Neptune Diner newspaper article

Finally we were on our way to the APBA store, it turned out to be a little office in a flooring building. We thought we were at the wrong place when we pulled in the parking lot and didnt see the APBA sign or logo, so we called the number and they said “yup, its the right address. We are the door on the right.”

APBA entrance

Still it was very cool. They had a little display with all the different game boxes throughout the years and some things on the wall, like last years tournament bracket.

APBA display

The gentleman working was an older man by the name of Vern. He had some interesting things to say about the history of the company and cards. One thing that I thought was really cool was how they came up with the nicknames on the cards. They are diligent on checking local papers to find tidbits on the players. I told him how the nicknames were a favorite of ours and that we often expand on it with our own ridiculous nicknames (“Cut the” Cord Phelps). Vern also told us about his 12 team league that dated back to the 70s! They currently have a full 40 man roster with 25 active, just like the majors. They also play 152 games in a season! Craig bought a new game for the South division and some fresh red dice (I was a bit jealous he got to buy something straight from the store). None the less it was a pleasant stop and great to share stories of the game with Vern. Next stop, Baltimore!

Quick note: for some odd reason the traffic at the exit off the highway by the shop is ridiculously high. Craig and I didnt quite get it. One reason could be that the people there take forever to start going when the light turns green and they dont accelerate quickly (not my style of driving at all).

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