Jun 24

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Great American Ballpark

We stopped for the night in a town named Mount Vernon, IL. We drove for quite a while after the Cardinals game because we wanted to stop by Louisville, KY in the morning and visit the Louisville Slugger Museum. We got up in the morning and set our sights on the Bluegrass State.

Louisville Slugger Bat

The giant bat outside the museum was really cool. The tour was only $10 and we got to walk through the actual factory and watch the bats being carved, shaped, and branded. At the end of the tour we each got a free mini bat as a souvenir. Out visit to Louisville was brief, but mission accomplished.

Early factory worker statue

On to Cincy!

SATURDAY: JUNE 18, 2011     GAME 3 of 14

Toronto Blue Jays @ Cincinnati Reds

The outside of the stadium was featured by large buildings attached to the stadium. One being a Reds office building and the other being a combination of the Reds Fan Shop and Reds Hall of Fame. Each building had giant three story pictures of its most popular players like Joey Votto and Brandon Phillips. Impressive!

Reds Team Shop

Entering the stadium the inside concourse was colored just like the outside: white background with red trim. For the thrid straight game, we caught the good fortune of showing up to a game with a promotion. Today was Reds Mohawk Hair night. We had a laugh about how ridiculous they looked but were happy to wear them and fit into the crowd.

There was plenty to see walking around the stadium. Great American Ballpark is located along the Ohio River and Cincinnati skyline on the other side. This allowed for some nice pictures of the city when I wandered the upper decks. I really liked the three electric National League standings boards behind the right field bleachers.

reds standings

Another thing I was impressed with is how you can park in Kentucky and take the riverboat down the river and get dropped off at the dock right outside Great American Ballpark. If we weren’t pressed for time on the drive into Cincinnati, we would have gone this route for sure!

As for the game…sadly, Cincinnati’s team sleptwalked through this one. The visiting Blue Jays took down the home team 4-0. I spent most of the game talking about teaching with another teacher from Kentucky from our left field seats. This was also our first game we experienced rain during the game. Danny broke out his full-body yellow poncho, complete with yellow snap pants. With the Reds Mohawk on over the poncho, he looked like a cross between a giant rooster and Ronald McDonald.

Final Thoughts: Because of being pressed for time, I feel like we missed out on the full Reds Stadium experience. Missing out on the riverboat ride and the Reds Hall of Fame was unlucky. So I rank Great American Ballpark on the bottom of my list. That is not taking away from the Reds. The stadium is beautiful and impressive, but I can’t rank them higher than my Cubs and home state stadium of Miller Park. Mr. Morois’ Grade: B

Craig’s Stadium Rankings… 11 to go!

1.) Busch Stadium A+ 2.) Wrigley Field A- 3.) Miller Park B+ 4.) Great American Ballpark B

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