Jun 23

Catching Cord Phelps’ Walk-Off

Cleveland had a rain delay in the 8th with a 2-2 tie against the Pittsburgh Pirates. It lasted about 2 hours and most fans had left the stadium, so C-raig and I pretty much had our pick of seats for the rest of the game. With so many left handed batters in the Cleveland lineup we decided to move from our left field seats to the right field bleachers so we could catch a potential walk-off. And that is exactly what we did.

To increase our range C-raig and I spaced ourselves about a section apart, 10 rows high or so. The 8th and 9th went by with no scoring on either team and we considered it a success when I got on the jumbo-tron with our sign in the 10th (there was barely anyone left so it was inevitable). It was after that point that C-raig moved into my section and down to the first row. Great Idea!

In the 11th the Indians got a single from Shin-Soo Choo (CHOO! CHOO! train) after a fly out from Travis Hafner. He then stole 2nd (Choo also singled in the 9th and got caught stealing 2nd, he woulda been the winning run when Carlos Santana doubled) so the Pirates elected to intentionally walk Santana with 1st base open and newly brought up rookie Cord Phelps (Craig turns to me and says “Cut the Cord” Phelps) in the on deck circle. I thought oh great bottom of the order they are gonna leave them stranded and it will be more innings. The Pirates and I were both wrong, Phelps took a 1-0 fastball from Tim Wood to left field on a frozen rope, right into the waiting glove of our very own C-raig, for his very first big league homer.

I remember seeing the liner coming right at C-raig and I just thinking to myself “Craig, don’t f*ck this up…” If you watch the video in the upper left corner I am the one in the yellow poncho and you can see me just staring at C-raig with a nervous posture like if you f*cking drop it.

C-raig immediately started asking those around us if that was his first homer and sure enough within moments Cleveland PR were on us saying it was his first and that we would like that ball and escorting out of the stands. C-raig being the awesome friend he is laid his dick down and said my friend has to come with. We were escorted to a private elevator area and the head PR guy, Rick, explained to us the situation. C-raig had no problem giving Cord the ball and asked if he could give it to him and shake his hand, that couldn’t happen but they asked C-raig which player he liked and they could get them to sign a ball. C-raig said Travis Hafner and Rick had one of his lackeys, Pedro, bring the home run ball down. We continued to have a great conversation with Rick and a couple of the other workers while we waited. We showed them our sign and our trip and Rick told us about his dad’s Lawrence College days (small world). We each got certificates for our first visit to Progressive field and C-raig got a certificate authenticating his home run catch. And since we were so awesome, when Pedro returned with the autographed ball (two actually, one for each of us) Rick told him to go in his office and get a couple things. Pedro hooked us up with 2 Grady Sizemore bobble heads each, Choo t-shirts, and a couple umbrellas since it was raining out. Along with that Rick gave us his card and told us to contact him if we were ever coming back to another game so he could hook us up. Our hats our off to the Cleveland Indians organization for their great staff and the way they treat the fans. It couldn’t have been a better experience. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

It was super awesome seeing the highlight on Sportscenter in the very opening of the show that nite!

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  1. Josh Greetan

    Was Harry Doyle announcing there?

    1. dfoch23

      no but but the Indian drummer in the outfield was

  2. Emily Luperiasie

    My favorite sport is baseball and my favorite team is the Cleveland Indians, followed very closely by the St.

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