Jun 20

Craig’s Stadium Recap: Busch Stadium

Driving into St. Louis was amazing. As soon as I drove into Missouri, I could see the iconic arch in the distance. We drove right passed the arch on our way to the stadium and found a parking ramp only two blocks from the stadium for a solid $5! Cheap parking is a huge plus for stadium experience. We began our short walk to the stadium, snapping a few more pictures of the arch on the way.

St. Louis Gateway to the Midwest

FRIDAY: June 17, 2011     Game 2 of 14
Kansas City Royals vs. St. Louis Cardinals

My first thought of Busch Stadium: “Holy crap this place is HUGE!” Not only is the stadium massive, but also on the outside there are wide sidewalks and large concourses, giving people plenty of space to walk without feeling crowded. At least 10 statues of former Cardinals greats of the past were outside of the main entrance. I was impressed with how detailed each statue was.

My favorite part about the Cardinals was how the embrace their history, as they should. With 10 world championships and almost that many World Series appearances, a team should honor those great teams and players that brought so much excitement to the city. No matter what level of the stadium you walked, displays of authentic artifacts from decades passed are hung on the walls. It reminded me a of Lambeau Field, except the Cardinals do the fans one better. Imagine the Packers taking everything in its Hall of Fame and placing it around the halls of the entire stadium. That’s what Busch Stadium is like. Instead of charging fans extra to see its history, the Cardinals bring the history to the fans free of charge.

We sat 11 rows up in the outfield. Both Cardinals and Royals fans were extremely friendly, interested and curious about our trip. I think I spent more time talking to people than watching the game. We also got on TV with our “14 Stadiums in 20 Days” sign, which I got a good laugh about. I got up and walked around the stadium during the 6th and 7th innings because I still hadn’t seen everything around the stadium in the upper decks, even though we arrived at the stadium 2 hours before first pitch.

Unfortunately, we didn’t bring the Cardinals good luck. They fell to the Royals 5-4. PujolsBoth teams were raising money for the tornado in Joplin a few weeks ago, so I bought the patch they selling as a fundraiser as my souvenir.

Final Thoughts: Busch Stadium is a lot like Lambeau Field. Both teams embrace its storied history, with stadiums that have a historic feel while still being a state-of-the-art facilities. St. Louis did this one right. An ultimate modern baseball facility, which puts it right at the top of my still small list of baseball stadiums. Mr. Morois’ Grade: A+

Craig’s Stadium Rankings…12 to go.
1. Busch Stadium A+
2. Wrigley Field A-
3. Miller Park B+

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