Jun 19

And They’re Off!

Our Road Trip Begins! C-raig and I left Peshtigo approximately 6:00 am to start our American adventure. My sweet mother sent me off right, having waffles and a homemade smoothie ready for me bright and early (well it was a gloomy morning).

Our vehicle taking us on this excursion is C-raig’s Grandmas dead cousin’s 2004 Oldsmobile Alero.  Out starting mileage was 4174 on the odometer (ridiculous, I know, I guess she only drove to church and the beauty salon each week). Shit was packed to the max since we are both divas and I even managed forget some things.

The drive to Chicago seemed like only an hour since I was so excited and scatterbrained.  The drive up to Milwaukee was the same ol same ol, but uncertainty of getting into Chicago came in there, thank god for GPS, oh wait I forgot to say, that car of ours had only one cigarette lighter and the fuse was blown on it! We had no power for my Tom-Tom but luckily C-raig’s Garmin had a lil bit of battery juice, so we were able to get into the city.  But another issue arose from our manly way of lack of planning; we had no idea where to park!  But like most men, we were able to spots signs and use our awesome sense of direction to end up with probably the ideal parking situation.

We spotted signs saying Wrigley Field Night and Weekend Shuttle Parking this way.  Well even though it was a Thursday afternoon, we thought what the hell; let’s follow it anyway. It led us past a part of town that was Liquor Store, Gun store, Hair Salon, Check Loan repeatedly next to each other for blocks, if you catch my drift. But then we were into another part of town closer to the actual parking spot, which was at DeVry University.  The parking lot attendee informed us that there was no shuttle for the day game and we couldn’t park in the lot but since we were right next to Lane Tech Prep school and they no longer had class we could park right on the street and take the bus on the corner right to the stadium. BALLIN! The street was right behind this big empty lot behind the school that looked like some shit went down there, but there was also a nice grass park area and some of the other cars were nice so we had no concern about our car full of junk getting jacked.

On the corner there was a McDonalds and we decided to get some grub. I walked in munching out of my small Doritos bag and proceeded to order. The wild berry smoothie on the menu above looked delicious. I’ll have that. I pointed and said my order, however the lady taking my order was more fluent in Spanish than American.  Needless to say I couldn’t understand her and she couldn’t understand me. I also wanted a McDouble from the dollar menu but she kept suggesting sausage patty since breakfast was still available (it felt like the South Park episode with the people from the future, “chicken sandwich?”). We finally agreed on 3 (tres) hot cakes. My order took forever and the workers had no idea what my order was and what went with it, it took forever.

We timed our time in there perfectly, as the bus just arrived. $2.25 each to ride! What a steal! We were about a mile and a half from Wrigley down Addison. The houses (I think that’s what you call them) were something completely foreign to C-raig and I. Two-three stories packed tight, but super nice.  We were talking on the bus with an older couple taking their grandson to his first game! US TOO!
The bus comes to a stop at the home plate entrance and we are there…

home plate entrance

Memorable quotes from the drive:

C-raig: You know what I miss about teaching and my kids?…Them always getting coffee for me.

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