Jun 11

Craig’s First Post: Let’s Go!!!

Baseball has always been referred as ‘timeless’ sport. The game has changed so little over the span of 150 years. Throwing a no-hitter means just as much today as it did 60 years ago. Fans are equally as excited by the home run today as when Babe Ruth revolutionized the sport with his unprecedented power back some almost 90 years ago. In 2010, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Do you think their fans felt any less emotion as those Yankees fans storming the field in the 1970’s or Pirates fans in 1960? The highs and lows of sports have not changed over decades. Emotion stays the same.

I have always been a baseball ‘junkie’. While my Chicago Cubs have broken my heart enough times in my 23 years to even want to recall, I still have always felt a small loyalty to my home state’s own Milwaukee Brewers. However, the Cubs/Brewers aren’t the reason I became such a fan of the game. That word ‘timeless’ is the reason. ‘Timeless’ implies a deep history. I am passionate about history, whether it be the my hometown city of Peshtigo, my home state of Wisconsin, the United States, the building I work in, movies I watch, the places I go, etc. I’ve always been fascinated by the people who have experienced/enjoyed the same things I have before me. I feel so many times we often take for granted the people who have been here before us. How many of us read our text books in history class and memorized facts about events in our nation’s history without even stepping back to think about the people who had to experience these events before it was ‘history’? The parallels do not change. A no-hitter then is a no-hitter now. Just as seeing a loved one return home from Iraq feels just as satisfying and breathtaking as it did when one returned from Gettysburg in the 1863. Time passes by, generations come and go, technology changes, and wars start/end. The constant one can always find is human emotion. Emotions are timeless.

I got my first job when I was 14. There has not been a time I haven’t been working or being a full-time college student since that age. A few days ago, I completed my first full year of teaching full-time. Being two years out of college, I felt I deserved to give myself a break. The farthest I’ve ever traveled is Florida by plane and New Orleans once on a music trip in high school. Some months back, I realized how little of my own nation I have seen. While I’ve read about the founding of our nation a hundred times over, I’ve never even come close to seeing where these events took place or the artifacts that remain. In November, I began thinking of a summer vacation that would allow me to tour the nation, still give me my sports fix, and give me a greater appreciation of the amazing country I live in.

Enjoying a road trip would not be fit without somebody to enjoy the experience with. I have been friends with Danny my entire life, as long as my memory takes me back. I brushed the idea by him in December and there wasn’t even a hesitation. Danny was on board, as I knew he would, 110%. Once we had the dates and schedule of cities/stadiums planned out, the vacation was set in stone.

Now that June has come around and the school year is over, I am incredibly excited to get on the road. I hope Wrigley Field is as timeless as people have described it to me. I hope the St. Louis Arch is as shiny and bright as I have seen it in pictures. I hope I can feel the spirit of Ted Williams still roaming the halls of Fenway Park. I hope New York City is as massive, overwhelming, and historic as the astonishing team that represents it: The New York Yankees. I want to feel the patriotism flowing through the monuments of Washington D.C. and hope they are as breathtaking as I have seen them in my dreams. I wish more Americans would recognize what an amazing nation we live in and how there are hundreds of places yet to be seen that are literally right in our back yards.

What truely excites me is the fact I will see more of this great nation in 20+ days than I have in all of my 20+ years.

First up: Game 1: Milwaukee Brewers @ Chicago Cubs.



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