Jun 06

USC Trojans 2004 BCS National Championship Stripped

Today the BCS stripped USC of their 2004 National Championship in football, stemming from the NCAA allegations of Reggie Bush.  The record books will now have no national champion listed.  This type of punishment will teach everyone a lesson and erase history. But will it really?

Matt Leinart was on the air with SportsCenter over the phone talking about the BCS decision.  He stated that even though they technically took the title away they (the team) and everyone else will still think of them as National Champions.  It doesnt take away from what the team actually accomplished on the field that season.  He will one day tell his kids that they were champs that year even though the record books will be blank.

I believe he is right. I dont think that taking away a national championship is really a big punishment.  People when they look back at the season are still going to really know what happened that season and know deep down who won, especially since there will be a big blank spot there (people will wonder WTF? and look into more and read about the whole story). If the Trojans were still champs it would just be another name on the list and people wouldnt think twice about it or remember. In that sense, I think this removal is more of a reward than punishment. They are creating more buzz about the team and forever etching them in history and memory instead of erasing them from history and memory.

So come on BCS, really?  Think of a better way to address the problem.


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