Jun 01

1st Frolfing of the Year!

So there we were…Matt and I on a warm and windy Tuesday evening about to hit the disc golf links in good ol Peshtigo Park.  (Craig was lame and not home to join us) Arriving at the first hole with my Innova Discs I felt a rush of excitement and my stress from all the work I needed to accomplish floated away.  My mind was relaxed and enjoing the much needed break.

Without any sort of warmups Matt and I gave our first throws…I chose my driver and threw it wide right but caught a good roll that brought it back towards the hole. Matt on the other hand decided he was going to throw tomahawk style even though he forgot which way to hold it to curve the right way, needless to say he put it in a campsite.  I was able to lay my next shot close to the basket giving myself a nice par throw for the whole (how most of the round went) and Matt take a few more throws to double bogey.

The next couple holes I was able to play the course and par and Matt was able to improve with a bogey then a par. On the only par 4 of the course, hole 4, that features a sharp dogleg to the left around the thick forest (mosquitos are in swams right now, you dont want to go in there!), I decided to throw my mid range for the first time to get a good curve around it.  I ended up throwing like a little girl into the ground and didnt make it past the corner so that I would have a straight shot at the basket to set up a birdie opportunity. Thank goodness Matt threw it into the woods so I didnt feel as bad! I was able to maintain par status while Matt recovered to take another bogey.

I continued to play solid but not spectacular frolf maintaining pars while Matt started to become eratic and saw his score starting to climb.  Finally on the 7th hole I was able to make a great tee throw as I said “Im going through that alley like a real man” and landed myself for a 10ft birdie toss. Matt also did well paring the whole. (I dont have much detail on Matt cuz really, who cares? He was picking up every piece of garbage to pay attention to anyways)

Holes 8 and 9 faced a super strong headwind that evening, and I mean strong.  I was able to keep it together and par each finishing the first nine at 1 under while Matt found himself finishing at 9 over.

The evening was young with plenty of day light left so Matt and I decided to make it a full 18 and play the nine again.  Many of the holes played exactly the same for each of us.  I was able to birdie hole 4 this time and instead of birdieing hole 7 I pared it and was able to birdie hole 8 thanks to an amazingly lucky roll on my drive that put me 4ft from the basket.  The wind got the better of me this time on 9 though and I had my first bogey to put me at 1 under again for the second nine and Matt improved one stroke finishing 8 over.

I felft pretty satisfied with my round score of 2 under for the very first time of the year. I played solid frolf only making a few ‘bad’ throws and a couple good drives.  My putts were right on but I was missing the confidence to go for the long birdie throws that I was making last year that helped me set the course record (back when I was a man like The Duke and went for it).


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  1. Keyuri Joshi

    I appreciate the blow by blow of disc golf. I’m one step closer to understanding!!

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