May 29

Game 2: Maniacs(1-0) @ Cliffhangers(0-1)

Starting Lineups:


  1. Furcal ss
  2. Pedroia 2b
  3. Pujols 1b
  4. Choo cf
  5. Rasmus lf
  6. Ross c
  7. Wright 3b
  8. Swisher rf
  9. Hanson p


  1. Carroll ss
  2. Weeks 2b
  3. Hamilton cf
  4. Morneau 1b
  5. Soto c
  6. Betemit lf
  7. Stewart 3b
  8. Crawford rf
  9. Cueto p

Results. Cliffhangers defeat Maniacs 6-1  Highlighted by Cueto’s 2-Hitter. W-Cueto  L-Hanson COL Home Runs – Hamilton(2) MIL Home Runs – Choo(1)

Cliffhanger Noteables – Hamilton 3-4 2RBI, HR, 2 2B / Stewart 2-3 1RBI 1SB 1BB / Crawford 2-4 1RBI 3B / Cueto CG 9IP 2H 1ER 7K

Maniac Noteables – Choo 1-2 1RBI, HR 1BB / Swisher 1-3

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